Astrophotography – Vehicle Trails

On a recent trip I stopped near Mt Ngauruhoe with intention of doing some Astrophotography. Unfortunately it was a rather moonlit night and the moon was sitting right in the way of the center of the Milky Way, so astrophotography was a bit of a write off.

I was pondering what I could do as cars and trucks continued to pass me at 100 km/hr. With that being the only unique thing around me I decided to do a car light trails. Using the normal settings for astrophotography, I timed the camera to go off as the vehicles were going past me.

Two of the pictures show a car going past, left to right and a double-lorry truck going right to left. They turned out better than expected and the truck one in particular, the I managed to ope the shutter just as the 2nd truck passed me. Note that is Mt Ngauruhoe at the bottom left of the truck picture.

The other picture I kind of like as it looks like the background to a movie poster, specifically ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’. I like how horizon almost looks like it is daylight. There is no Photoshop wizardry to make the photo look like that, that is pretty close to how it came out of the can.

Astrophotography movie poster background
Movie poster background