Jupiter’s Moons (& Saturn)

This rather made my day when I saw it early in 2020…

I’d gone out to capture Jupiter and Saturn which were about to be very close, as they approached transition. But when I zoomed on my DSLR (digital camera) to 10x, I realised I could see 3 of the 4 Moons that Gailelo had seen way back in 1609. I couldn’t quite make them out with my eyes, but with a bit of enhancement and digital zoom I was indeed looking at the real things with my own kit.

What you’re looking at in this image:
This is the back screen of the Canon 5D3 with 100-400 lenses onboard with a 1.4 converter (540mm, if I was pushed all the way in). It’s just an iPhone 6S (low light) image of the screen.
That bright spot at the oft of the image is Jupiter, with it’s 3 moons (2 in white, 1 in blue) disappearing to the upper right, at about 2:30 position). Meanwhile, that is Saturn the next brighter object, that is sitting on the upper limb of the viewfinder bounding box.

Jupiter at left, Saturn at right - with 3 of Jupiter's Moon
An iPhone photo of the back of DSLR live screen. That is Jupiter at the left with Saturn at mid-right (behind the bounding box) – and 3 of Jupiter’s Moon extending away from it, at about the 2:30 position.