New Zealand

In the Red Zone – Christchurch, NZL

A couple of photos taken inside what is the 'Red Zone' to the east of the city centre, heading towards the coast. A vaste swathe of land that has had all the housing and infrastructure taken away after the earthquakes. And now the River Avon meanders through the quiet streets where only the roads & driveways exist and the power lines, with many still intact line (dead in … [Read more...] about In the Red Zone – Christchurch, NZL

Mt Cook / Aoraki Image

Early in 2020 I had the opportunity to spend just over 2 months touring and photographing the South Island of New Zealand. I made it back to Auckland just before NZ went into Stage III and then Stage IV lock down very quickly, due to COVID-19. During that trip I went to Mt Cook / Aoraki region a couple of times. On the first visit the weather was not so good but I still … [Read more...] about Mt Cook / Aoraki Image

Astrophotography in Lake Tekapo

While I was touring the South Island of New Zealand, I made sure to spend some time in the amazing Dark Sky Reserve that is centered around Lake Tekapo. The views of the night sky are absolutely amazing and I'll be sure to post some more as I continue processing them. Here is one where I used the car to give some interest to the foreground. You can can see Jupiter … [Read more...] about Astrophotography in Lake Tekapo

Astrophotography – Vehicle Trails

On a recent trip I stopped near Mt Ngauruhoe with intention of doing some Astrophotography. Unfortunately it was a rather moonlit night and the moon was sitting right in the way of the center of the Milky Way, so astrophotography was a bit of a write off. I was pondering what I could do as cars and trucks continued to pass me at 100 km/hr. With that being the only unique … [Read more...] about Astrophotography – Vehicle Trails