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A Captain Cook Adventure for the young Kiwi...

Approaching Rosebury Topping by car

...approaching Rosebury Topping.


Rosebury Topping in sunshine where the young Captain Cook used to adventure up

Rosebury Topping
A 5-year old Captain Cook used to enjoy treks up here after school.
These youthful adventures distilled in him, alllegedly, his lifelong desire for travel and discovery.
The peak lies about a mile East of Great Ayton, in North Yorkshire.

Captain Cook's childhood home in Great Ayton, North Yorkshire, England

Site of Captain Cook's early childhood home in Great Ayton, North Yorkshire, England.


Neolithic Mound on the North Yorkshire Moors

A Neolithic Mound on the North Yorkshire Moors, en-route Great Ayton - Whitby.


North Yorkshire headlands

The North Yorkshire coastline (25 miles from Great Ayton).


A bridge in Whitby, North Yorkshire

Whitby, a coastal harbour town - where the teenage Captain Cook first learnt to sail.


Whitby Harbour Inlet

The harbour inlet at Whitby.


Whitby as viewed from the Abbey

Looking north to Whitby. These days a busy tourist town.


Morris dancers in Whitby

... which wouldn't be complete without some Morris dancers.


Whitby Abbey viewed from Whitby township

Across the harbour (South of the township) lies Whitby Abbey.


Whitby Abbey atop the Yorkshire Headlands

Majestic atop the grand Yorkshire coastline.


Whitby Abbey

The massive Whitby Abbey. In ruins after Henry VIII's Dissolution of the Monastries (1540).


Whitby Abbey on green grass

Maintained by English Heritage.
("No thanks, I don't want your yearly membership")


Spire at Whitby Abbey

A massive spire at Whitby Abbey.


Angled view of spire at Whitby Abbey

Close-up view of a spire at Whitby Abbey.


Whitby Abbey from three-quarter view

Side on.


Erosion at Whitby Abbey

Centuries of erosion.


Erosion at Whitby Abbey

Ruined arches at Whitby Abbey.


Architectural piece at Whitby Abbey

Architectural sculpture at the Whitby Abbey museum.


A Scotsman

A Scotsman.



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